Hatstand Opera go Into The Woods

Long time, no see?

We’re busy gearing ourselves up for the the first performance after our three month break by doing all those terribly unglamorous chores, such as running repairs on costumes and redesigning props that have suffered in transit over the last year.

For example, we needed to redesign our Wolf’s ears (for our item from Sondheim’s  ‘Into the Woods’). Originally, these were attached by Velcro to his hat, so they could be removed in transit. However, that didn’t hold them firmly enough, as he ended up with a nasty case of Droopy Ear Syndrome.

So we looked at gluing them on instead, but the combination of fur ears and felt hat was even worse, so his ears fell out sideways. Not a good look.

It was at that point that we remembered those craft sessions at school, when you made puppets from card and brass fasteners. Remember those? You know, the type that have a round head holding two prongs that you can open out to fix things, and stab your fingers if you’re not paying attention.

Much to our surprise, they are still readily available, and they are perfect for holding wolf ears firmly onto a felt hat. Admittedly, our wolf now have pierced ears in three places, but at least they now stay in place as our most charming Wolf sweet talks Little Red Riding Hood in the forest…

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