Happy New Year from Hatstand

New Year, new chocolate

New Year, new chocolate

No sooner has the last scrap of Christmas pud finally departed from the fridge, than New Year is upon us! Time for more eating, partying – and work!

Actually, Hatstand Opera are having a break this year from our usual job of performing either on New Year’s Eve (and battling the traffic pouring into London afterwards), or singing on New Year’s Day (when, shall we say, not every head is as clear as it might be!). Instead, we’re busy preparing Vocal Vices for its 2009 tour.

Kirsty is finalising the script, aided by a very welcome Xmas present of Russell T Davies’ book “The Writer’s Tale”. (If you want more info, here’s the blurb from Amazon.)

Toni is designing and making the additional costumes and props for the show, including some rather surprising sources for non-perishable food. (More on that in a later blog.)

Baritone Bryan is busy creating special arrangements of some key items, including a rather natty version of “Busy Doin’ Nothing” , which clearly, he isn’t, if you see what I mean!

We hope to entertain you all with performances of Vocal Vices in 2009!

Vocal Vices, the ideal Christmas present!

Imagine this lot under the tree this Christmas....

Imagine this lot under the tree this Christmas....

Stuck for a Christmas present for the opera lover in your life? We’ve got the ideal operatic gift – Hatstand Opera!

Yes, the UK’s premiere opera highlights company can perform Vocal Vices just for you in your own front room, on your back lawn, at your golf club or local hotel, in your hired marquee, or even in the middle of your sheep field, if you have one!

Actually, most people who book Hatstand Opera invite their friends along too to make a real party of it, and share in a great evening of entertainment. So, you can delight the opera lover in your life with a unique Christmas gift of live opera, and seriously impress your friends as well!

Booking Hatstand Opera is easy; choose a few dates, call Hatstand Opera during office hours and we’ll talk through your event in just a few minutes. You confirm the booking, we’ll send you a nice card and a cd to stick under the tree for the lucky loved one, (as a gift-wrapped opera singer is a bit awkward to post) and once you’ve recovered from your New Year headache, we can finalise all the arrangements. Easy!