Choose Your Words – And Your Vice

A nice old vice!

How do you find things you need on the web? Chances are, you type a few words into Google or a similar search engine, and see what comes up.

Every month, we do the same with our show titles at Hatstand Opera, just to see what comes up. But we don’t just look at the search results, we also look at keyword results, the words you good people actually type in, not what we think you type in!

Now, the long and short of it is, “Vocal Vices” is not a phrase generally searched for much, so Google suggest other words that might be associated with that phrase, with some rather odd results…

Bench Vices – yes, Kirsty’s dad has one on his workbench, but it doesn’t sing very well

Vice cubes – another type of woodworking vice, we gather, not those vodka jelly cubes so popular at student parties a decade or so back

Vocal metal – we presume heavy metal, as in Black Sabbeth et al, but perhaps robots are finding their voices?!

Milling vices – a cocktail party for those who have strayed from the straight and narrow?

Hobby vice – yes, we know it’s a small vice for home use, but some might construe it otherwise…

Just to say that our next performance of Vocal Vices (the show) will be at Huntingdon on Friday 21 May – click on the dates tab for more info!

nice old bench vice pic by vipa at

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