Hatstand Opera are Fond of Frinton!

Hatstand Opera are back in Essex on Tuesday 4 August, presenting Vocal Vices at the Marquee on the Greensward, Frinton-on-Sea.

We’ve been performing in Frinton since 1996, entertaining audiences first at the WI Hall for the Music Society, and more recently in the marquee on the picturesque clifftops. In the marquee, we’ve had glorious sunny evenings, high winds that rattled the marquee (shaken but not stirred, I might add!), and gentle soft rain, but we always enjoy ourselves immensely, as the audiences are great!

And it’s not just the audience sitting in the seats that enjoy our shows; we tend to attract a crowd of people walking dogs, ‘ultra-cool’ teenagers, and rather lost Japanese tourists, standing just outside the open end of the marquee, curious as to why they can hear opera drifting across the clifftops! Often they are still standing there 30 minutes later, while the dogs have given up and are snoring at their feet!

What a super show ‘Vocal Vices’ has evolved into – audiences adore it. It follows the classic Hatstand Opera formula; bits of opera you’ll know from films or advertisements, operetta that tugs the heartstrings, and a whole series of songs that you’ll probably be itching to sing along with!

Tuesday 4 August at 7.30pm
Vocal Vices
Marquee on the Greensward, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: GBP6, available from:
Frinton Free Church, Connaught Ave – 01255 679585,
Frinton Parish Church, Old Road – 01255 679164,
& The Marquee on the Greensward (from 1st August).
Part of Frinton Mission week

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