What opera singers do during August

Soak up the sun, boys!

Here at Hatstand Opera, we usually rest up a bit in August to enjoy the summer weather, and thank goodness this year, we’ve got some to enjoy! Hurrah! But we don’t sit around idle, never fear…  here’s what is on our “To Do” list:

1. Devise a brand new show for 2011. Yes, we’re cooking up something fun, frothy, entertaining and a total antidote to depressing news and dark economic forecasts. Title tbc – all witty (and clean) ideas welcome!

2. Make do and mend costumes. Our costumes and props can be used up to four times a week, all year round, so this is a chance to restore lost buttons, mend broken spears and repaint anything that doesn’t move too fast. And hoover the digital piano – most important after dusty outdoor gigs in hay-filled fields.

3. Research new music. We are always on the lookout for new music to sing, and there is nothing so relaxing as sitting down with a glass of chardonnay (or six) and skipping through tracks on cds you bought back in the January sales and have not even got the plastic shrink-wrap off yet.

Whatever you’re doing this August, enjoy!