The knotty problem of food in opera

Tuck in, everyone...

The first half of Hatstand Opera’s Vocal Vices show ends with a routine where we juggle buns during a particularly spirited rendition of “Now to the Banquet We Press” from Gilbert & Sullivan’s operetta “The Sorceror”.

In the past, we have made do with real current buns wrapped in clingfilm, but our lives were made so much easier when we discovered knitted food on eBay.

Yes, knitted food. And jolly effective our knitted buns are too, perfect for juggling and they never go stale, or green and hairy. We love ’em!

When we first bought our knitted buns, there were only two providers on eBay. Now, however, several suppliers will sell you anything from knitted ice cream cones to a knitted tin of baked beans (yes, really).

Sadly, it appears that the French lady who used to sell hand knitted full roast turkey dinners with all the trimmings has given up, but my eye was caught instead by smudge995 from Kidderminster who is offering a hand knitted tea set including teapot and cups of tea. We are very, very tempted…

yummy knitted cake photo by ‘freeform by prudence’ at

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