Hatstand Opera at Holywell House SOLD OUT!

Rehearsing in a 'disco' marquee, with a 'chill-out' tent behind!

Rehearsing in a 'disco' marquee, with a 'chill-out' tent behind!

Our Vocal Vices performance at Holywell House on Sunday 13 September has completely SOLD OUT  – over four weeks in advance! It’s a superb result for the organisers, who are a small committee raising funds for their charity The Pinder Centre. We think it’s been such a success because of three main factors:

1. The performance is at lunchtime, and your ticket prices includes lunch! What could be better than lunch in an English garden, followed by our fun and entertaining show? Also, many of our older audience members appreciate an event where they don’t have to drive home long distances in the dark afterwards.

2. The tickets are just £15 each. And that includes a “French-style’ lunch. It’s a great idea as the catering is a doddle; cheeses, meats, French bread and salads, with a choice of two tasty desserts in the interval. No fancy frills, just good value entertainment and no-fuss food. Perfect.

3. The venue is exclusive – yet free! Thanks to the generosity of Lady Clarendon, our performance makes use of a marquee that’s already in her garden, and which otherwise would be standing empty until the hire firm comes to collect it midweek. It’s a trick we’ve used many times before, and it saves hardworking charity fundraisers hundreds of pounds over hiring a venue or their own marquee. (Hint: your local vicar often knows when wedding parties are happening which might involve marquees, or keep an ear open for friends and neighbours having parties for significant birthdays…)

So, congratulations to the Pinder Centre committee, and call Hatstand Opera now on 01252 511762 if you’d like to replicate their charity fundraising success in 2010!

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