The Hatstand Opera show must go on!

What a superb night we had at Frinton yesterday – blue skies, a still and warm evening, and the nicest audience, who loved every minute of the show.

Once again, as I predicted, we attracted a crowd of passers-by who even abandoned a cricket game to come and watch us for a while. And we had a chance to meet again one of the nicest public toilet attendants in the UK, who pipes classical music through the spotlessly clean clifftop loo block in honour of our visit, and sits outside during the show to make sure he can hear us sing!

One group of young local lads were so keen to be part of a Hatstand Opera show in some way (we presume) that they decided to literally pull the plug on the marquee’s electricity supply halfway through our show-stopping rendition of ‘Delilah’. Plunged into darkness, we couldn’t even sing on, as our digital piano needs its 13amps to make a noise!

Yet within a couple of minutes (if that) the marquee technical crew had the power back on, and after we’d got over our giggles, we managed to finish the show to rousing applause and general delight all round.

The performance was dedicated to Australian soprano Toni’s sister Joy, who passed away last week. Toni managed to fly home to see her for the last day, and then returned to sing this performance in her sister’s memory, after a round trip to Sydney and back in just six days.

So, thanks to the good people of Frinton and we hope to entertain you all again next year.