Hatstand Opera and Matters Musical

July for Hatstand Opera is always a busy month of performance, but also for selling our Spring 2010 tour dates.

So, it’s been great to catch up with venues and promoters on the phone over the last week, as I have known some of them for over 15 years!

Since we first started performing opera highlights 16 years ago, Hatstand has enjoyed close associations with several of the UK’s top event organisers – or party promoters / entertainment agencies / corporate event organisers / music agencies / corporate event companies – take your pick!

One of our favourites by far is Matters Musical, run by Frank Warren, who says his company provides “the very best in live global music, dance and physical arts.”

What we love about Frank is that, to be in his database of performers, it’s always about the quality of the music. If you want to be associated with Matters Musical, you have to be good, full stop. As he says, “Our performers are the best in their individual fields, tried and tested for reliability, professionalism and ability.” Of course, you also need to give a great performance and entertain too, which is, I suspect, why Frank likes Hatstand Opera!

So, we are more than happy to give Frank and his company a big shameless plug, as he’s a great chap to work with, and shares our values of excellence and professionalism.

And his new website is really nice too! Give it a spin at www.mattersmusical.co.uk