Vocal Vices “Best Show Yet”

Ooh the glamour: tenor Richard Owen backstage in Alderney

Ooh the glamour: tenor Richard Owen backstage in Alderney, Channel Islands

It’s official, because our audiences on the Channel Islands told us so, “Vocal Vices” is Hatstand Opera’s best show yet!

One of the great benefits of a tour is that you get feedback on the same show from different audiences night after night. All the performers go out after the show to meet the happy punters as they leave, and our audiences are more than happy to say what they think!

They loved the mix of music, combining opera in the first half with musicals and songs in the second half. They adored the fun, energetic style and obvious enjoyment we have on stage. But most of all, they loved the ‘clever’ stuff, from Bryan Kesselman’s super arrangement of “Busy Doin’ Nothing” that manages to reference everything from Bach to ballet, to our completely OTT version of the Tom Jones hit “Delilah”.

Mind you, we were glad of a rest afterwards, since the hectic schedule involved 4 shows, 4 school workshops, 4 different venues on 4 different islands, 5 flights, 2 ferry trips (1 on a cargo boat), 6 taxis, 2 tractor transfers and 2 radio interviews – in just 4 days!

If you want to book Vocal Vices for your autumn festival or theatre season, give us a call – and delight your audiences with sinfully good singing this year! Or catch us on tour – see the Diary tab above for details.

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