Food and Singing Don’t Mix…

Which way to Granny's House?

Which way to Granny's House?

Rehearsals this week are focussing on items in Act Two of Vocal Vices, including “Hello Little Girl” from Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”. We want our Red Riding Hood to be a greedy little girl; after all, the Wolf calls her “Miss Plump” for a reason. So Toni will clutch a basket of food to nibble throughout the number.

Now, past experience has taught us one important aspect of food on stage in opera. Whatever you do, don’t ever actually eat it. If you do, you can bet your last Rolo that your next in-breath will also include crumbs, and you’ll end up choking on your top C.

So Toni’s basket will contain the finest assortment of plastic food this side of eBay. It’s actually play food for kids, including a pizza that Velcros together (yes, really), several ice cream cones, assorted biscuits and even a birthday cake with candles. No chance of choking on that lot – we hope….

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