Praise indeed for Hatstand Opera…

For me? How lovely!

For me? How lovely!

Our last performance (“Golden Moments from Opera” at Luton Music Club) was reviewed by OperaTalent, and critic Jean Gardner hit upon the real nub of what we do at Hatstand:

“Kirsty’s sheer energy drives the performance along as while donning an outfit she explains what is coming next and how it fits into the opera it comes from. And it’s all done in a light hearted way that couldn’t be further removed from the elitist tag associated with opera. …. Nobody does opera quite like Hatstand. As Kirsty says, ‘Our unique point is that we don’t take it too seriously. Opera’s meant to be enjoyed.’ ”

The bit she didn’t publish regarding soprano Toni’s excursions off the stage was just as illuminating… “I heard one man say ‘She’s a sexy baggage’ when Toni was singing among the audience.” !

Not that Toni is taking it to heart, but she’s not too proud to receive compliments, unstinting praise, flowers, chocolates, or jewelry either…

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